Gov. Snyder Speaks on November Ballot

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When it comes to the six proposals on this year's November ballot, Governor Rick Snyder is clear about his opinion.

"When you look at the ballot proposals, it's very simple to me," said Snyder. "'Yes' on (Proposal) 1 and 'No' on the rest."

As Snyder spoke to the media in Lansing, Tuesday, he talked about a few of the proposals specifically, including Proposal one, a referendum on the controversial emergency financial manager law.

"We're seeing progress in a lot of communities and it is important to emphasize we're talking about a small number of communities. Seven out of 2,500 jurisdiction in our state," said Snyder.

He also touched on Proposal 6, which would require a state-wide vote before a new bridge is built from Detroit to Windsor.

Snyder said he believes the bridge would be good for Michigan and does not need to be voted on.

Michigan political analyst Bill Ballenger says Snyder's opinions on the proposals do not surprise him.

"I think the Governor's stance on the ballot proposals is not unlike the business community as a whole. They feel negative about Proposals two through six," said Ballenger. "They are for Proposal one."

Snyder also addressed the presidential election. A Mitt Romney supporter, Snyder says there is still time for him to win the state.

"I really encourage Governor Romney in particular to talk about not what the problems are, but his plan for the future," said Romney. "Michigan citizens want more and better jobs and a future for our kids."

Ballenger says, it will take more than that.

"He just really hasn't invested the time and money in Michigan that he needs to in order to keep it close," said Ballenger.

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