Gov. Snyder Refers Campaign Questions to Consultant

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Despite a five-minute video that aired at the Mackinac Conference last weekend, and a new ad that popped up on YouTube telling voters what a great job he's been doing, Gov. Rick Snyder won't say whether or not he's running for re-election.

Reporters on Tuesday asked the governor if he would confirm that his campaign will launch a 60 second ad statewide on Wednesday.

"Well again, I am not an announced candidate," Snyder answered. "I'm happy being governor and I'm focused on being governor. If you have questions on the campaign, you should get ahold of John Yob."

John Yob would be one of the governor's consultants. He worked on Snyder's successful 2010 campaign. The governor won't say if the two are planning a 2014 sequel.

When asked if Yob would be who reporters talk to throughout the campaign instead of Snyder, he replied that when he's a candidate, he's "happy to talk about campaign matters."

The ad scheduled to air beginning Wednesday doesn't explicitly say Snyder is running for governor.

Per Snyder's suggestion, News 10 emailed Yob to ask if the governor has decided if he's running for re-election and, if so, when he'll make his decision public. We'll let you know when we hear back.

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