Gov. Snyder Plans to Push Reforms in 2013

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Roads, education, mental health are just some of the topics the governor touched on during his State of the State address. That's why he says they work in "dog years."

"The good part is we've already talked to a number of legislators and they're ready to go. They've already started working on a number of bills on issues that I discussed last night," said Gov. Snyder.

Securing more funding to fix the state's roads and bridges is at the top of his agenda and it seems the governor already secured some support from the legislature.

"The transportation package, a lot of the road funding bills hopefully could be in by next week in terms of starting that process," said Gov. Snyder.

However, one lawmaker we spoke to arleady said he's against hiking up user fees to get that funding. The governor's solution is to be flexible.

"Let's get the funding mechanism in place. Let's say we do need the money. I think we do need the money, I think we all know that. If legislators want to give people a choice to say do you want to do it this way or that way, I think that's a fine thing."

Gov. Snyder says convincing the public to pay up starts with communicating and promoting his plan.

"That's why I've already been out talking to people, that's why it's great to be here at the Brighton Chamber today."

He's also looking to push democrats' agenda to get bipartisan support.

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