Gov. Snyder Likely to Call For More Road Funding During State of the State

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The rough start to the winter hasn't helped the road situation much in Michigan, and with new potholes comes renewed talk over how to pay for the repairs.

Governor Rick Snyder is expected to make another pitch for money during Thursday's State of the State Address in Lansing.

"It's time to do something folks, we need to invest more in our roads," said Gov. Snyder during last year's address.

While it's a request we'll likely hear again, it's also one his fellow Republicans might be a bit more receptive toward.

"We are looking at trying to continue what we did last year which was find existing resources and try to reallocate some money if we can and work on the road problem that way," said Ari Adler, press secretary for Michigan's House Speaker Jase Bolger, R-Marshall.

The key term there is "existing resources." Any kind of tax increase to pay for roads would likely be a no-deal, according to Adler.

"It just doesn't seem to be something that's got the support, either from the legislature or from the public," he said.

One proposal on the table with some momentum would replace the per-gallon retail tax on gasoline with a whole sale tax, something which wouldn't initially cost Michigan drivers more at the pump.

It's a $1 billion problem which has roughly $350 million of it covered in this year's fiscal budget. While it's still well short of Gov. Snyder's goal, it's not an issue that has ever been seen as a quick fix, according to Dave Murray, deputy press secretary to the governor.

"It's still a top priority and it's something that has always been viewed as a long term issue," Murray said.

"But we've got both sides of the aisle agreeing roads are a big enough problem to be addressed, and that's a big first hurdle to get the discussion going."

Either route lawmakers inevitably take, it'll likely be a bumpy ride.

"We're going to need support in the legislature from both the House and Senate, from Republican and Democrat," Adler said, "We need to find a solution that's going to work once and for all."

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