Good Samaritans Foil Purse Snatching

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A Feel Good Friday story about some Good Samaritans doing the right thing; several people all worked together to foil a man who snatched a woman’s purse, and tried to get away.

It all went down Wednesday - that's when Holt resident Bobbi Essenmacher, a Lansing school teacher, was enjoying having some lemonade with a friend at Panera Bread in the Frandor shopping center when a thug grabbed her purse and ran off with it.

Jake Ackley’s wife witnessed the incident as they were leaving the parking lot. Jake jumped out of his vehicle and started to chase the guy, while his wife Chantelle comforted Bobbi.

That’s when Matt Sinclair saw Jake chasing the thief and followed the suspect into a parking lot of a business on Clippert. He jumped the curb, and drove his truck up onto the sidewalk, between the parking lot and the building where the man was running. He used the truck to cut off the suspect’s path, so he couldn't escape.

Jake and Matt pinned the bad guy down, and got Bobbi’s purse away from him. They gave Bobbi back her bag, and held the suspect down on the ground until police arrived, and arrested him.

WILX News 10 talked with Bobbi Essenmacher, who told us she would like Matt, Jake and the others who helped stop the thief to be recognized for helping her out. She said "I was just overwhelmed by it. Seeing all those people come to help me just warms my heart."

WILX News 10 spoke with Lieutenant Cressman of the Lansing Police Department, who confirmed the incident and arrest. He told News 10 that it “looks like the people did some good work out there."

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