Golf Courses Packed

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It sure didn't feel like fall at the College Fields Golf Club in Okemos. Golfers say the perfect weather came unexpectedly and they weren't about to let the opportunity slide by.

"I saw it's going to be 70s and I figured I had to get out here at least one more time," said golfer Bryant Karkau.

"Normally it'd be in the low 40s and I just would never come out here when it's that cold," said golfer Chris Cantin.

The director of operations at College Fields was equally surprised.

"We're actually in the downward spiral of our golf season. We're picking up leaves and doing the general winter maintenance, so this is really good for us," said Carey Mitchelson.

The downward spiral was evident on Monday when they only had 10 people on the course, but on Wednesday, about 150 players hit the greens. In the golf course business, a good fall turnout is important for their bottom line.

"Generally the good months of summer we're pretty steady all year but if we can get some good two or three weeks at each end of summer, that's where we make our profits," said Mitchelson.

The warm and sunny weather is expected to stay for one more day and some players say it's just what they need

"Just came out here enjoying the nice weather, take your mind off the world and just play some golf," said Karkau.

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