Giant Sinkhole Found In City Street

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Drivers are cruising over it, not realizing that this isn't just a pothole, it's a sinkhole News 10 found the sink hole while out on a story over the weekend on the 800 block of Seymour Ave. near Oakland Rd. in Lansing.

"Anyone of these cars the tire could get stuck in that," said Sarah Capestany, who lives on the street says she never noticed the hole.

"It's scary like if I was driving home or my husband were driving and the hole like just completely collapsed," said Sarah Rhines, another resident.

The opening doesn't show you the full size of the sink hole. It's width extends to 4 ft. and it's deepest point appears to be almost 3 ft.

While neighbors aren't sure how long the hole has been forming in the middle of their street, but public service crews have determined the cause.

"They are usually a result of a failure underneath the road," said Mike Sleep, Senior Maintenance Supervisor for Sewers with the Department of Public Service. "In this case it's a sewer that's under the road and there appears to be a hole in it."

These holes are dangerous for drivers, but they're a more common problem this time of year.

"We have a lot more cave-ins in the summer just because the pavement gets warm and gets softer then falls in," Sleep added.

After receiving a call from News 10, public service employees came out to cover up the hole before it collapsed any more.

"We try to respond within 20 minutes of a situation like this and make it safe," Sleep said.

Some cave-ins are spotted by city workers, but they rely on people to report damage they see.

"Take care of your own city, we're here to serve and when we know there's issues we'll come out and take care of it," Sleep said.

The Public Service Department says there is a three day waiting period for utility fixes that are not emergencies. They plan on starting repairs later this week. The department has blocked off the area where the sinkhole was found, and the road is open for motorists.

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