Getting Prepared for Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sales

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LANSING (WILX)--Black Friday sales start in less than 20 hours for some of the largest retailers. "Plan Ahead" is the message some stores are suggesting to customers before they brave the crowds.

The stores are expected to be packed, so knowing what you're looking for, and where those items are in the store can help.

"We love the crowds, we love the atmosphere, we love the deals," said Black Friday enthusiast Dayna Gustafson.

Gustafson was one of many shoppers already in the stores checking out the deals Wednesday.

"We are kinda in our own little world. We have our own system,"

"You just kinda look around and see what you want. See where the good sales are," said Viola Harris, another Black Friday shopper.

According to Harris, Wednesday preparations is all about getting that game plan ready. Thursday is about getting a good spot in line.

"You can't wait until the store opens. You get in line before that because there's going to be a lot of people," said Harris.

Big retailers like Macy's are urging their shoppers to come prepared.

"You want to have your list ready. A lot of those ads have been out online and in newspapers . Check your list once is not twice," said John Sluiter, Macy's Store Manager.

Sluiter says his store has been getting ready for this year's sales since August.

"We do have a lot of doorbusters and "Star Gifts" but some of the great values your going to see are the cashmere sweaters, and new One Direction fragrance," said Sluiter.

And he's not alone. His competition is not going to be left behind. K-Mart, Walmart, Best Buy and JC Penny are starting Thanksgiving night as well.

"We have our featured items out where everyone can see," said Catherine Gillespie, JC Penny Store Leader.

But no matter how early the sales begin, even those who live for Black Friday say it's not their main priority.

"Our family will still come first. Family first then shopping time," said Gustafson.

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