No Super Bowl Ad For General Motors

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Whether you're rooting for the Ravens or the 49ers, it's the commercials that are always a Super Bowl fan favorite, but this year a local staple will be missing from the ads. General Motors has decided not to air a commercial during the Super Bowl this year. Both Chrysler and Ford will unveil ads during the big game. Robert Kolt, an advertising expert at Michigan State University says that the expense was too much for the company.

"They had been one of the leading Super Bowl advertisers in the past and I think one of the reasons they are not in the game is they haven't made great ads, and it really hasn't paid off for them," said Kolt.

And advertisers have a lot to lose. 30-second spots are around $4 million this year, and GM just can't seem to compete with some of the other auto companies' ads.

"When Chrysler did their Eminem "imported from Detroit" ad years ago, executives at the auto companies said that ad actually generated sales and turned around what was a marginally profitable operation at that point," said Kolt.

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