Gas Leak Closes Lansing Mall for Several Hours

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Malls are usually packed this time of year, but today the Lansing Mall was turning shoppers away.

A gas leak closed the entire shopping center Monday morning and into lunch time, making shoppers concerned and frustrated.

Mary Sandborn lives in Portland and doesn't even like to shop, but she made an exception.

"I never go shopping, but I wanted to do something fun with my grandkids because they didn't have school," Sandborn said.

Plans changed when they showed up at the Lansing Mall though, with dozens of police cars and fire trucks blocking the entrances and turning shoppers away.

"I was concerned, and I debated on whether I even want to have the kids around there," Sandborn said.

Turns out a plow in the parking lot hit a gas line around 6:00 a.m. causing quite the gas leak. Eaton County emergency crews and Consumers Energy responded, spending several hours on the scene to ensure the area was safe again for shoppers and employees.

"They had the doors wide open to air everything out, and all the professionals made sure everything was all ready to go before they let people in," Renee Moede, an employee at Up North Gifts, said.

Some employees complained they could smell a little bit of gas when they first opened back up, but they're mostly relieved they could open at all, and so are their customers.

"This is my last day of shopping, and I want to get it done, and I'm very excited," Lisa Suidgeest said.

Many kiosks and several stores remained closed for a little bit even after the mall got the all clear, leaving some shoppers pretty confused.

"There were a lot of people around that didn't know what was going on," Suidgeest said. "So, I was able to say 'Hey, they had a gas leak, they'll be opening soon,' hopefully, and I'm still waiting for some stores to open."

Other stores, like Up North Gifts, didn't waste any time.

"It could have been an all day affair, so I'm very thankful," Moede said.

The mall is open and safe now. Mall management and the Delta Township Fire Department said shoppers are not at risk.

The gas lines should be repaired by the end of the night.

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