GOP Caucuses Have Financial Edge Over Democrats

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- Republicans who control the Michigan Legislature continue to have a financial edge over Democrats hoping to take control in the November election.
The House Republican Campaign Committee reports raising $640,000 from January through April 20 and having nearly $2 million in the bank. The House Democratic Fund took in over $500,000 and has nearly $1.4 million saved.
The House has 59 Republicans, 50 Democrats and one independent.
House Republicans report outraising other legislative caucuses for 10 straight quarters, while Democrats say they have more cash on hand than in any other April filing in an election year dating back over a decade.
Senate Republicans have 26 seats to Democrats' 12. Republicans there raised more than $500,000 and have $2 million saved. Democrats raised about $265,000 and have over $700,000 saved.