GM's 104th Birthday Passes Quietly

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FLINT, Mich. (AP) -- General Motors Co.'s 104th birthday is passing quietly in Flint, where the onetime auto making powerhouse first began.

Four years ago, organizers made a big production of GM's centennial. That birthday featured a wide range of GM cars, including military vehicles and fire trucks.

GM spokesman Tom Wickham says the Detroit-based automaker isn't planning a celebration this year.

William C. "Billy" Durant was working from his office at Buick headquarters in Flint when he began putting together the deals to create GM. The company's first headquarters was on Flint's Hamilton Avenue.

GM's incorporation papers were filed in New Jersey on Sept. 16, 1908. The first GM car was a Buick built in Flint on Oct. 1, 1908.

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