GM Reports Record Profits

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Roughly 4,300 hourly GM workers are set to cash in big after a record-setting year for the auto giant.

"The profits that we're getting from our profit sharing is $7.2 billion and our profit sharing check is $7,000," UAW Local 602 Vice President, Kevin Baker, said.

Baker has been with GM for 27 years and Thursday's announcement of record profits makes the 27 years Baker has put in all worth it.

"The membership of the UAW, the General Motors workers sacrificed a lot," he said.

Baker will receive his check from the record year GM had, in which the auto giant posted a $7.2 billion profit. Baker is not the only UAW employee cashing in on GM's year.

"Our local, not being GM workers, but suppliers at the two plants here in Lansing will see some stability," UAW Local 724 President, Dean Poggiali, said. "Our members will be back working. So that means there won't be the highs and lows with them being laid off."

Poggiali represents UAW Local 724, members who won't be entitled to the $7,000 profit sharing check, but who are critical to GM.

"(We make) some of the seats, some of the interior components like the cockpit assembly," he said.

Poggiali is also looking at the big picture of how GM's success will benefit the Mid-Michigan area.

"More people working means more tax base will be going into our roads, our schools and our charities," Poggiali said.

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