GM Assembly Plants Open to the Public

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The General Motors assembly plants in Lansing opened their doors for public tours on Friday.

At the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant, about 1000 GM employees work to create the cars that you see on the road.

“A lot of people’s neighbors are in here working every day… now they get to see the vehicles we produce,” said Erin Davis, GM Spokesperson.

The Cadillac CTS, Cadillac STS and Cadillac CTS Wagon are made at the Grand River facility.

Austin Smith’s dad works at the assembly plant.

“It’s pretty cool to see where my dad works and how it happens,” Smith said.

Before reaching the general assembly line, the cars come with their frame and paintwork already done. Then, it starts with Trim.

“In trim, we do all the electrical work… and then when you go down to chassis, that’s where the chassis of the car is put together, the engine, the gas tank, all that is put together,” Davis said.

Seats are also loaded into the vehicles on the chassis line. Finally, tires are installed, doors are put back on and the car is driven off the assembly line.

According to Davis, on a three-shift operation, it takes about 24 hours to put a car together from body shop, to paint shop and finally onto the general assembly line.

GM retirees also joined the tour on Friday.

“See a few new people, its real nice. I’m glad to get in here and visit everybody,” GM retiree Ken Betz said.

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