GM to Open New Stamping Facility in Lansing

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Even though Cadillacs are stuck on dealership lots... General Motors is moving forward.

The company is investing $174 million in a new stamping facility in Lansing at the Grand River Assembly.

"Bringing our stamping facility right next door to our body shop here in Lansing Grand River allows us to bring better quality and better cost," said GM plant manager Tony Francavilla. "That ultimately means we're gonna sell more vehicles and have a happier customer."

A GM spokesperson says the facility will save $14 Million by putting all the materials for Cadillacs and the next generation Camaro in one place.

The new facility will create 145 new jobs along with the 200 jobs from the logistics center that's already being built.

Since Cadillac sales have been down, Francavilla says this is a step in the right direction.

"I think people shouldn't be worried in the region," Francavilla says. "The fact that we've spent $530 million over the last four years tells you that there's a lot of confidence in the workforce, and a lot of confidence in the region."

UAW Local 652 president Mike Green says this will not only bring jobs, but job security.

"The more people you bring here working, the more parts in the plants and the more jobs in the community," Green said. "You need more of everything."

The plant will be open for business in 2016.