GM Workers Cheer Camaro Production's Move to Lansing

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Christmas came early for mid-Michigan on Wednesday, as General Motors announced it's moving production of the next generation of the Chevy Camaro to Lansing.

The muscle car is currently made at GM's Oshawa plant in Ontario Canada. GM expects to start production at the Grand River plant within the next few years.

For auto workers, the announcement meant a shift change of smiles.

"Oh yeah, everybody's happy that's more jobs here," one said.

"Michigan and the Lansing area's got the skilled workers to build these cars and do a very good job I mean the public sees that every day," employee Jane Stevenson said.

General Motors agrees. The company says the Grand River plant is the best business fit for production of its next Camaro. The site already producess the Cadillac ATS and CTS. According to GM, it makes sense to consolidate rear wheel drive production in Lansing.

"People are excited, it's a great Christmas present, we're really glad we got the announcement before Christmas," Mike Green, with UAW Local 652 said.

The union hall was buzzing with the news Wednesday. Members call it a tribute to workers and proof GM will remain strong in Lansing longterm.

Workers say this is not only about an American muscle car coming home, but American jobs coming home. While the company hasn't said how many positions could be added, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero says the opportunity is huge.

"It will mean economic investment in Lansing, it will mean jobs in Lansing, not tens, but hundreds of jobs and that's a very good thing in this economy," Bernero said.

Bernero says General Motors knows it has strong support in the City of Lansing and a track record of skilled workers.

"I think all those things factored in the reputation of the community, the work product, the workforce the relationship with the local government," he said.

The Ontario plant will continue to produce the current generation Chevy Camaro until the end of the current product life cycle. The plant will also continue to produce the Buick Regal and two new products, the Cadillac XTS and next generation Chevy Impala.

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