GM Not Commenting on Reports That Acadia Production Will Move

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General Motors isn't saying if production of the GMC Acadia will move from the Delta Township Plant to Spring Hill, Tennessee. But Web sites covering the auto industry seem pretty convinced it will happen. and both expect it to happen when the redesigned 2017 Acadia goes into production in April of 2016.

GM announced Wednesday it's moving production of the Cadillac SRX from Mexico to Spring Hill. It's also going to invest $185 million so the plant can build small gas engines. Supplies are making plans to open up shop in the area. GM says the community and the plant's 1,600 employees earned the expansion. "Spring Hill was chosen for this new engine and for the SRX largely because of the facilities, stellar track record when it comes to quality and performance. This site really knows how to do their business, and they do it well," GM North American Manufacturing Manager Arvin Jones said Wednesday.

Moving production of the SRX from Mexico to Tennessee was part of the deal GM made with the UAW when it went through bankruptcy in 2009. The union agreed to allow the plant to be idled temporarily while GM agreed to move production of a vehicle from a foreign country to the U.S.

If the Acadia does move it will be a case of turnabout being fair play. Spring Hill used to build the Chevy Traverse, which is now made at the Delta Township plant.

This shouldn't give anyone the impression the auto industry is hurting in Mid-Michigan. GM is building a $174 million stamping facility at the Lansing Grand River plant, creating a total of 345 new jobs. The project will save GM $14 million a year when Grand River starts building the Chevy Camaro.

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