GM Labor Documentary Set To Air Sunday

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A documentary highlighting the labor-management relationship and how it has enhanced mid-Michigan's economic development opportunities will be shown on WILX Sunday morning.

It's called "Labor Management Cooperation: The New Economic Development Initiative", created by Ray Michaels, President of L.U. #665 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and Mike Crawford, Executive Director of the Michigan Chapter National Electrical Contractors Association.

Michaels and Crawford created this program to bring a new focus on how an area's labor-management relationships can dramatically enhance its economic development opportunities.

"When GM was considering leaving Lansing, Dave Hollister assembled a team of local business and labor leaders to keep GM here in Lansing. The quality of the local labor-management relationship was a key element in GM's decision to build two new auto plants in mid-Michigan", says Mr. Michaels, one of mid-Michigan's labor leaders. "How the local labor force and the mid-Michigan business community interact in their labor-management relationships will determine the success or failure of a region's economic development initiatives", says Mr. Crawford, a construction association management representative for over 35 years.

This new TV-internet program looks at the structure of labor-management relationships and how positive and productive labor-management relationships can dramatically benefit the entire community. It will air Sunday, August 18 at 11:30am on WILX. It will air again at 12:30am.

The program can also be viewed online. Just click on the link below.

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