Fundraiser For Broc Brown; The Boy With Rapid Growth Disease

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JACKSON (WILX)-- Earlier this month we brought you the story of Broc Brown, a 7' 5, 15 year-old who is battling a rare rapid growth disease.

Saturday the community hosted the first of several fund raisers, a spaghetti dinner to benefit him and his family.

At dinner Broc Brown towered over his friends and family. He smiled for pictures and signed autographs like a celebrity, but being so tall comes with a lot of hardship.

"He walked in and said 'Wow mom this is all for me?!"

"He's just a handful for his body, His back hurts real bad. His legs and knees. It's just from growing so much," described Broc's Grandma Joy Moss.

The fundraiser will go toward Broc's medical bills and other necessities he needs because of his size.

"It's just hard to see someone suffer that is only 15. As adults and kids our kids have everything they want and he needs simple things like shoes, clothing, and a bed to sleep comfortably in at night," said OHANA President Missy Killgrove.

OHANA is the organization that is raising all the money for the family. If you wish to donate CLICK HERE .

"I'm having a great time," said Broc. He is already getting clothes donated to him from the Pistons, and shoes from Nike, but doctors say he is going to keep on growing until he is over 8 feet tall. It's possible with enough donations that Broc and his family might get a new house, one that he can fit into and walk around in without ducking.

The next fundraiser is a pancake breakfast . It's planned for April 13th the day before Broc turns 16, and will be at the Vandercook High School starting at 8am.

Broc will be turning 16 soon and he has a couple of dreams, One is to be on the Ellen Show to show off his dance moves, the other is to get his drivers license. His grandma says they are going to make it work by taking out the front seat of her car.

If you are having trouble getting to the donation website you may need to try a different browser. Otherwise you can use this web address:

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