Four Counties Form Task Force to Catch Highway Shooter

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Major Joel Maatman represented Ingham County in Wixom, Monday, as several police agencies came together to try and find whoever is behind the recent string of highway shootings along I-96 and M-52.

"Since the 16th through 18th of this month, there are approximately 24 confirmed shootings," said Maatman, of the Ingham County Sheriff's Office.

Seven of those shootings came in Ingham County and Maatman says there might be more victims that have not come forward.

"The meeting was to make sure the administrators knew what the game plan was," said Maatman. "We have officers that are going to be working pretty much around the clock investigating leads. We are at well over 100 leads, tips that have come in so far. We are asking for more tips."

That is why Maatman says they are releasing the pictures of vehicles that resemble the suspect car in hopes that anyone with information will come forward. They are also releasing a composite sketch of the suspect.

Michigan State Police and the four counties involved in the task force, Ingham, Livingston, Shiawassee and Oakland, are putting an emphasis on the areas where the shootings occurred.

"We are going to make sure that everyone is taken care of properly," said Tpr. Drew Spencer of Michigan State Police. "We are also on patrol in the area so if anything did come up, we are going to be there to take care of the situation."

A situation that Maatman hopes ends soon.

"We are not going to sit back and wait for more to occur," said Maatman. "We want this to come to a successful conclusion really quick with no more shootings."

Maatman also said every local police department along I-96 will be getting information on the investigation from the task force. No one has been hurt by the shootings, but there have been close calls. Any victims or anyone with information is encouraged to call the tip-line at 1-800-SPEAK UP.

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