Food, Flowers and Forever on Valentines Day

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Valentines Day has many people celebrating with food, flowers and forever.

For the Robert and Brandy Mosher of Webberville, February 14 is now an anniversary they will never forget. The couple got married at the Ingham County Courthouse. Brandy says, “We've been wanting to do it for a long time."

Across town on Michigan Avenue, people were lined up inside Jon Anthony Florist, where managers ran a special of a dozen long-stem red roses for $29.95. People at the flower shop worked hard to keep the orders flowing out the door. Manager Chuck Loveless says the store expects to fill about 300 floral arrangement orders for Valentines Day. “It's the busiest holiday of the year, it really is."

Jon Anthony customer Ahmad Taylor bought flowers, candy and a card for his girlfriend. “Most women are really looking forward to this day, to not get them something on this day, would be disappointing." Taylor was one of several men, getting a last-minute present for their Valentine. Joshua Juarez was among them. “I'm a last minute kind of guy, but you know, it works out."

At Fabiano’s Candies, the line of people waiting to buy candy filled the store. Most, were picking up candy for their Valentine. Some had several people to buy for. James Holmes showed up with boyfriend Nathan Fox. “I wanted to surprise him but I also want to surprise my neighbor ladies."

Madeline Blair, Manager of Fabiano’s, says, “Valentines Day is my favorite holiday. It's mass chaos for several days, for about a week, so it's fun, people are happy and its just a great way to celebrate the winter blahs."