Police Following Leads In MSU Student Homicide

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EAST LANSING (WILX)-- Police are following up on leads after an MSU student was shot and killed at his off-campus apartment Friday night.

East Lansing Police Department is heading the investigation. In a statement Monday afternoon, spokesperson Lt. Scott Wriggelsworth says he doesn't think students should be worried about their safety, on or off campus.

"This wasn't a break-in. He didn't force his way into the apartment," said Wriggelsworth.

Opening the door to a person he apparently knew. It was a simple gesture that quickly turned into a fatal mistake for 20-year-old Dominique Nolff.

"The suspect was let in had a conversation with our deceased. Then whatever happened, happened. He ended up getting shot and killed inside the apartment," said Wriggelsworth.

A second victim, identified through social media as MSU student Corbin Holwerda, is cooperating with law enforcement.
But East Lansing police still haven't named any suspects, or even a motive.

"Only the suspect knows why he started to shoot and we had one fatality."

What they do know is that students shouldn't be afraid of more crime in Cedar Village; where the shooting happened.
Unlike the traditional basketball and football celebrations in the area, Wriggelsworth believes this shooting to be a one time thing.

"It's not a bad area. I can't remember the last time I responded to an incident like this down there."

It might be unlikely to happen again, but the shooting has definitely shaken those who live there.

"I was scared. I literally walked past 15 minutes before it happened," said Luke Wagner, MSU student.

"It really hit home, a student your own age getting killed," said Kathryn Kowalczyk, MSU student.

While the police wish it wasn't the case, rumors are starting to spread fast.

"I think it was a drug deal gone bad," said Nick Batt, MSU student.

"He must have been with the wrong people and said something he shouldn't have," said Wagner.

Police are asking students and the community be patient. Rumors will only prolong the investigation, and
East Lansing P.D. are still looking for valuable information.

Police have only given a vague description of their suspect. They're looking for a black male in his early 20's.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the East Lansing Detective Bureau at 517-319-6884.

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