Flyer Passed Around School Threatens St. Johns HS Student's Life

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St. Johns, Michigan (WILX) A mother of a St. Johns student says she's afraid to send him back to school after some classmates threatened to kill him.

Those classmates briefly passed a flyer around school Wednesday with some very disturbing language, and now St. Johns police are investigating the situation.

"Your kids are your life, you don't think they go to school to get hurt by anybody," said Ann Buffington, whose freshman son at the high school was targeted in the flyer.

"When you see this kind of stuff, it makes you have doubts about a lot of things."

Buffington said her son just transferred to St. Johns High School less than two months ago.

The flyer in question--which calls for the beating of the student while telling people to "bring brass knuckles, lead pipes, chains" and "he will be dead"--was passed around Wednesday after being printed up by two students, the district's superintendent Dedrick Martin confirmed Friday in a statement.

Buffington alleges the school's principal told her the flyers were created and printed at the school.

"It's rather appalling that someone would be willing to say they want to take your child's life," Buffington said.

Martin's statement went on to say just three students and an Army recruiter at the school that day received the flyer and all immediately reported it.

Brittany Abbott was one of the students who received the flyer.

"I thought it was ridiculous," she said. "I don't think they should've been doing it."

Buffington's son lives in St. Johns with his godfather James Russell who argues district administrators and police haven't done enough to punish the two students believed to be responsible.

"I don't think it's swift enough, I don't think it's stern enough, they haven't even contacted his mother," Russell said.

"It's even worse than bullying--it's a death threat--these kids are terrorists in my book."

Buffington said the superintendent has yet to speak with her directly about the issue.

Meanwhile, her son didn't feel comfortable showing his face on camera but did say he couldn't understand why he was targeted by the students.

"I barely even know the kids," he said.

"I don't think they liked me when I first came to the school, they'd stand outside my classrooms and call me names talking about how they were going to beat me up."

He said he thinks he might've been an easy target because he was new to the school.

His mother doesn't want him returning to the school.

The students in question were dealt with "swiftly and appropriately, according to Martin. It's unclear how they were disciplined but some students said they hadn't seen either student in class since Wednesday.

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