Flu on the Rise; 27 New Cases in Michigan

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LANSING (WILX)-- Another 27 cases of the flu have been confirmed since a week ago, bringing the total number to 169.

157 of those cases are H1N1, and that's the low estimate according to the Michigan Department of Community Health.

"Just this morning we had 11 positive cases of the flu," said Christina Helms M.D. at Lansing Urgent Care.

One of those 11 positive was Carrie Rathbun-Hawks husband.

"He does in fact have it. I haven't gotten my flu shot so I decided now is probably a good time," said Rathbun-Hawks.

She was shocked to hear that he likely had H1N1, the same virus that created a pandemic in 2009.

"We usually figure out ways to take care of it and move on. You don't think it's going to be a problem again."

Nearly 93% of the flu cases out there are H1N1 according to the MDCH.

"We are concerned with the number of H1N1 cases we are seeing and with the number of hospitalizations that are resulting from that," said Angela Minicuci, spokesperson for MDCH.

There have been 95 hospitalizations this season, and it's hitting healthy adults the hardest.

"College age adults particularly. We know it's going to be a severe year for young adults so we recommend they go out and get the flu vaccine," said Minicuci.

Doctor's don't expect the number of flu cases to go down anytime soon. We're just now in the peak of flu season, which continues through February.

"I expect a lot LOT more people coming in and getting sick and coming in needing services," said Helms.

All vaccinations contain the H1N1 strain, so it's never too late to get one.

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