Flu Season has New Options For Vaccinations

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LANSING (WILX)-- Is late summer too early to get a flu shot? Not really, according to the state health department.

This years flu shots are ready to go as September is the beginning of flu season.

"Right now is when we begin to see potential flu cases in Michigan," said Angela Minicuci, with the Michigan Dept. of Community Health.

This year parents should be doing their homework, because not all vaccinations are made equal. Some vaccinations have three strains, while others have four. There's the shot, nasal spray, and for the first time there's a separate shot for people allergic to eggs.

"The nasal spray and some shots have all four strains. The extra fourth strain is a "B" strain, and according to the CDC, "B" is more common in children. So parents need to look for the four strain vaccination," said Dr. Belinda Miller Topa, Medical Director of Kids First Immediate Care.

Miller Topa adds that getting something is better than nothing.

"The vaccinations are not 100% effective, but it's effective enough to be worth it."

Last year was a mild flu season for Michigan. If it gets colder, faster, this year it could peak early.

"We need to be prepared. Once it shows up, if it shows up early (like October) then we know it's going to be an aggressive season," said Miller Topa.

The vaccination takes two weeks to become effective.
It is early in the season, but if you get it now, according to the Department of Community Health, it will last the whole season.

"Right now is the time, Getting the flu vaccination is the single, best way to protect yourself from getting the flu," said Minicuci.

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