Flu Cases Up in Michigan

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The flu season can be hard to predict, but this year, doctors say more cases came through earlier and so far, it's not showing any signs of dying down.

"In the last seven to 10 days, we've been testing a lot of positive Influenza Type B," said Bill Jordon, physician's assistant at South Side Medical Center in Lansing.

Jordan said he's seen more patients with the flu over the past few days -- almost double the number he typically sees this time of the year.

"The flu season is upon us and it came to Lansing for Christmas," said Jordan.

There are now 149 confirmed cases of Influenza in Michigan, up from 63 cases two weeks ago. Doctors say it's not too late to get vaccinated.

"If you haven't gotten the flu shot or the flu mist, it's something to get now. Even though the flu is here, you can still have protection for the rest of the flu season," said Dr. Edward Rosick, MSU family medicine physician.

Common symptoms of the flu include body aches, a high fever and a dry cough in the first 12 hours.

"If people can call their doctors and get some anti-viral flu medication it can decrease the time they're sick with the flu...If they can do that within 48 hours that's a good thing, after that there's really nothing we can do," said Dr. Rosick.

After that, it's about drinking plenty of fluids and getting a lot of rest at home to avoid passing the virus to someone else.

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