Flu Cases Spike in Michigan

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The influenza virus is not showing any signs of calming down and the Ingham County Health Department's immunization clinic is just one place that's swamped with people looking to get some protection.

"This week we have probably been seeing double what we normally do for flu," said Wendy Ridenour, supervisor for the immunization program.

So many people are coming in for the flu shot that they actually ran out of lower dosage shots for kids earlier this week and had to restock.

"If somebody came into the health department on Tuesday and we turned them away, please come back because we do have it available," said Ridenour.

The severe flu season is not unique to Michigan, but is a trend that's spreading across the country.

"The CDC doesn't have a good handle on what's causing it and neither do we, but we do know it's a problem this year," said Angela Minicuci from the Michigan Department of Community Health.

According to Minicuci, the vaccine this year is matching up well with the virus strains, but some doctors are having doubts as they watch the number of flu cases climb.

"I'm leery that the vaccine is perhaps not matching up as well as we thought it would," said MSU Family Medicine Physician Dr. Edward Rosick.

However, as any reason is just speculation at this point, Dr. Rosick is still recommending the vaccine to his patients.

"Even if it's just giving you 30% to 40% protection, is that great? No. That's really not that good. On the other hand, 30% to 40% protection is certainly better than nothing."

According to Dr. Rosick, taking some vitamin D supplements can help to boost your immune system to fight against the virus.

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