Meridian Firefighters Move Due To Flood

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It happens every year, flooding on Okemos Road just past Central Park Drive in Meridian Township. For firefighters working out of a temporary station at the service center nearby, the flooding is a reminder that they're ready for a permanent location.

"We're moving out of the station we just moved into last Friday," said Fire Chief Fred Cowper. "One week and then we're out."

Surrounded by rising water and train tracks that would slow response times, firefighters were forced to shut down operations at the service center. They're now working out of the north and south stations in the township till the waters recede. It's a situation the fire chief predicted so he was ready with a plan of action.

"We're doing the best we can with what we have and we're covering all of our calls and we're covering all of the concerns of the residents," Chief Cowper said.

Even though the temporary site is closed for now the township will still have all of its fire trucks and ambulances in service.

"The flooding that's taken place today only reinforces the need to get the central fire station built and we plan on breaking ground very soon," said Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh.

No matter what mother nature sends their way, the Fire Chief is confident it will not affect their work.

"The residents are going to be protected by their firefighters," Chief Cowper added. "Whatever conditions they put in front of us isn't going to stop us."

But he still hopes they'll be in a new location before this flooding happens again.

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