Fireworks Sales Pick Up

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Be it a big store or a small tent, it's a busy weekend for fireworks vendors.

"It's getting closer to the Fourth, so time to start buying!" said Larry Fields, Manager of a Jake's Fireworks tent off Edgewood Blvd. "Lots of people work during the week so the weekend is the best time to buy."

At American Eagle Superstore, Big Fireworks has been preparing all year for the week before Independence Day.

"We do I'd say 80-90% of our business really related to the fourth of July [this weekend]," said Ben Bakken, American Eagle Big Fireworks' Chief Financial Officer. "So it's huge for us."

Bakken says firework sales tend to increase day by day until the holiday, so he doesn't expect the rush doesn't end when the work week begins. And because July Fourth falls on a Thursday this year, sales could extend past the holiday as people prepare for the weekend.

But regardless of his sales, Bakken says he sees legal fireworks in Michigan as a win for everyone. He says it increases jobs, keeps tax dollars in the Mitten State, and helps other businesses.

Some buying the pyrotechnics Saturday had long planned on purchasing, others just stopped by on a whim. Some said they liked the colors the fireworks make and others said they like the noise, but all said they like the entertainment.

"I'm putting a show on for other people," said Jake Bruin, who was buying fireworks. "So it kind of gives me a good feeling."