Fireworks Sales High After Holiday

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Sales aren't as big as on the Fourth of July holiday itself, but there is still a steady stream of customers entering the Pro Fireworks store in Jackson on the Fifth of July.

"The fifth of July is still a legal day to shoot and a lot of people had to work during the week, a lot of people still had to work the Fourth of July," said Steve Hagle, a partner of Pro Fireworks, which owns ten fireworks stores across Michigan. "So now they're celebrating their Fourth of July this evening."

New customers and repeat customers alike are travelling back to stores to replenish their supply of fireworks. Stores are using coupons, sales and advertising to help them find their way. In Jackson, Pro Fireworks was offering a buy-one-get-one-free sale on everything in stock.

"We came here last night, bought some, lit some, enjoyed them and my son wanted some more," said Marc Iott of Jackson. "So we came in for the half-price sale. It works the best for us."

This weekend works best for many families' Independence Day celebrations, which is why Hagle says they buy fireworks after the holiday has already passed.

"With [the holiday] falling mid-week a lot of people are working and they're not really able to celebrate the Fourth of July," he said. "So now it allows them to really enjoy the weekend with their family."

Plus, Hagle says, the longer stores sell, the more it helps the community. He says every day the stores stay open is another day someone can be employed and another day for the business to establish itself as part of the community.

Tonight is the last night to shoot off fireworks in Lansing, which only allows them the day before, the day of and the day after a national holiday. Ordinances vary by municipality though, so check with your local fire department for information specific to where you live.

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