Fire Destroys Lansing's Saint Vincent DePaul Thrift Store

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The people of Lansing's Saint Vincent DePaul have helped thousands of local families in need of assistence with bills, clothes and more. Now, they need your help.

There were no injuries at the fire which started in the back half of the Saint Vincent Thrift Store early Sunday morning. Emplyees have no idea of how it could have started, and the Lansing Fire Department has not yet determined the cause. LFD's Eric Weber explains the enormous task it was to contain the blazes: "We have five out of six of our engine companies at this fire. We've had a lot of overhaul to do; there's major damage to the building and major damage to the contents."

Lansing District Council President of the Society of Saint Vincent DePaul Marcia Barrons-Maivalle is still in shock: "Right now we're just trying to find a place where we can set up shop; mostly for our client assistance office but also to receive donations."

Employee Denise Backlund is upset that she is unable to routinely walk into her work building this week as she has for more than ten years: "I feel sick to my stomach because we help so many people and they depend on us. Now I don't know what's gonna happen."

Many presents were wrapped and ready to be given to lacal families in preparation for Christmas weekend. They were supposed to be delivered the morning after the fire hit. They are in great need of donations as soon as possible. Checks can be mailed to:

1020 South Washington Ave.
Lansing, MI

You can also call: (517) 484-5395

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