Finding a Small Solution For MDOT's Budget Problem

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LANSING (WILX)--It's hard to find a driver who isn't complaining about the roads, especially with pothole season upon us.

Everyone is looking for ways to fix them, but what exactly would you be willing to do to keep crews working through the summer?

M-DOT spokesperson Kari Arend says the public could be a real help once the weather warms up, through Adopt-A-Highway.

Already more than $100 million dollars have been spent to clear the roads this winter, and the figures are likely to double, maybe triple before summer.

"Gas for the trucks, salt, sand, everything is over budget in terms of quantity. We are using more and costing more," said Arend.

"It's more expensive and more challenging. If anything hopefully people are appreciative of the need to invest more in our roads," said Governor Snyder.

The governor has proposed $254 million dollars to fix our roads in his latest budget. But as we heard Tuesday from MDOT's director that won't be enough, we need long-term solutions. The governor agrees.

"We still need a comprehensive transportation solution. So I hope to continue that dialog with the legislature regardless of how long it takes," said Governor Snyder.

A small solution from MDOT is Adopt -A-Highway. You've seen the signs on the side of the road, but have you ever given it much thought?
Adopting a two-mile stretch of highway could help the department save a few thousand dollars when it comes to MDOT's budget.

"There are several pick ups throughout the spring and summer, coordinated by the group. They set up the volunteers and go out. Generally they clean up just the side of the roadway," said Arend. "It's something that definitely does help. With the budget one thing we've had to cut back on is trash pick-up."

The first roadside pick-up is April 12th, so mark your calendars if you'd like to help out.

The number to call if you're interested in adopting a highway is 517-322-3388.

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