Final Efforts to Get Out the Vote in Michigan

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When auto workers got off the line Monday evening in Lansing, their work wasn't done.

"This is the whole ticket. This is boots on the ground, this is people door knocking," UAW Local 652 President Mike Green said, hosting volunteers for Obama for America. "This is lit drops, this is seeing the people at our gate, phone banks, you name it, we're there."

They said volunteers have reached out to all of Lansing, but the job isn't done yet. They'll go door-to-door Tuesday morning for the democratic party, and their door will be open for anyone with last minute questions about proposals to polls.

"We have the polling locations on just about all the literature we're taking out," UAW Local 652 member and volunteer Mike Huerta said. "We're reminding them to vote the back of the ballot, all the way down to the non-partisan section. That's very important to us. Trying to make sure we mobilize everybody and finish strong."

The Republican campaign was also going strong in Jackson, where the phone bank was hard at work and big names stopped in town to help get out the vote.

"The last second push is where it's all at," Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said. "All those undecided voters, low-propensity voters, people that might be decided late in Michigan, we need to get to those folks."

Priebus was joined by Governor Rick Snyder and George Romney, just to name a few. They hoped making their final stop in the birth place of the Republican party was the way to reach those important voters.

"How fitting to have Michigan be the gateway to Mitt Romney, and it will be a great day," Priebus said. "Getting up in the morning, going to vote, telling your friends, who you're voting for, why you're voting for Mitt Romney, and then spreading that message throughout the day tomorrow."

Michigan was the fourth state Priebus visited on Monday. He left for Wisconsin immediately after the rally.

UAW volunteers said they'll be handing out water and granola bars to voters in line close to the opening and closing of the polls.

Both parties said they'll offer rides to the polls if necessary.

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