Fighting Winter Fatigue

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"I can handle snow, it's the bitter cold that's bad. Snow, you can move away," said Johnette Simmons, whose pipes froze.

She hasn't had running water for five days, but is grateful to finally have it back.

At the Great Clips in south Lansing, the stylists have heard it all.

"[People are] tired, tired, tired of the snow; tired tired of the cold; tired of layering up just to go outside and do the simple things," said Gloria Davaloz-Romero, a stylist at Great Clips.

People are also tired of digging out. After weeks of shoveling, they have dreams of spring.

"It's wearing me out. It's keeping me in shape that's for one thing," said a man shoveling outside his home.

For mail carriers, the tough part isn't driving around, it's reaching the boxes.

"A lot of people have had their boxes knocked down from plows, so a lot of people are just setting their individual mail boxes on snow banks, and we're trying to get to all of them," said Brooks Medlock, a USPS mail carrier.

"We're going to be busy over the next couple of days," said a Christopher Wilson, a Director of a Meijer store.

Stores say they have learned from past experiences-- come super bowl or super snow-- they say shelves will be stocked.

The snow isn't all doom and gloom.

Take frosty, a snowman some kids built that's over 10 feet tall. The moment you see him, you can't help but smile.

"He took two and a half hours, three shovels, and I went through like four pairs of gloves," said Emily Taschner, who helped build the snowman. She lives in Holt.

You can't change the weather so you might as well make the most of it. If snowmen aren't your thing try making a multi-color ice wall.

For three weeks, the Cotton family has been freezing water and food coloring. They've made about 300 blocks, so far.

"The other day we came home and there was somebody stopped in the middle of the road taking a picture out their car window with their cell phone," said Lisa Griffes, who built the wall. She lives in Williamston.

You might as well get creative, the cold weather is here to stay.

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