Michigan Ranks In Middle On New Health Insurance Premiums

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- The Obama administration says Michigan residents required to shop for health insurance starting next week will pay an average $306 a month -- before tax credits -- for a mid-range benchmark plan.

That's below the national average of $328 and ranks 29th-lowest out of 47 states for which data was available. People will pay dramatically different premiums depending on their income, family size, age, hometown and tobacco use.

When a tax credit is factored in, a 27-year-old in Michigan making $25,000 a year will pay on average $145 per month for a benchmark policy. A family of four with $50,000 in annual income will pay $282.

The figures are only averages. The state plans to release specific rates for plans offered by 13 insurers on Oct. 1.

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