Federal Judge Expands Access to Morning-After Pill

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The Michigan Department of Community Health says there's a problem in Michigan surrounding teen pregnancy and they recently launched a campaign to promote prevention.

"As we recommend it's to provide prevention and particularly abstinence," said MDCH Spokesperson Angela Minicuci.

The department is not taking a position on the ruling that would expand access to the morning-after pill, but Planned Parenthood says the change could become another safe tool for reducing unintended pregnancies and the medication should be available without restriction to younger teens.

Known as Plan B, the pill has been shown to prevent pregnancies if taken within three days of unprotected sex. A federal judge ordered the FDA to lift the age restriction within 30 days.

"Until 30 days we dont' know what it's going to mean. What it's going to mean immediately is that it's probably going to be some confusion out there. Confusion that the pharmacists may have, confusion that the parents may have, confusion that adolescents may have," said Larry Wagenknecht, CEO of the Michigan Pharmacists Association.

The MPA is calling the controversy surrounding Plan B a political issue that's bounced around for years and now they're keeping a close watch on potential developments in the next 30 days, saying the judge's ruling doesn't set anything in stone just yet.

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