February Ends on Another Cold Note

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So maybe the groundhog was right. There definitely is no early spring for us this year. The countdown to spring continues with less than three weeks to go. The official calendar start of spring is March 20th. On a note of interest, you may hear some people say that March 1st is the start of "meteorological spring." Meteorologists record climate data in simple three month increments. March, April, and May are the spring months for climate data, which are not the same as the calendar seasons.

So how does our cold February stack up? Let's compare it to January, which is normally the coldest and snowiest month of the year...

According to the National Weather Service, January 2014 had five days above freezing, the warmest high at 44 degrees, and the coldest low at -13. February 2014 also only had five days above freezing, the warmest high at 45, the coldest low at -11 degrees on February 28th.

Lansing's normal February highs from the beginning to end of the month range from 31 to 37 degrees. A normal month should see many days at or above freezing, so needless to say, it's been yet another extremely cold month in this already harsh winter. Our seasonal snow total is at 58" as of February 28th.

The start of March is looking to be very cold, but the extended forecast looks a warmer. Watch me this weekend to find out what to expect! On a positive note, March is the month where we warm up the quickest. The normal high temperatures range from 38 to 51 degrees by the end of the month.

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