Fatal Accident Has Police Chief Worried About Intersection

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The broken glass at Old 27 and Webb Road in DeWitt Township is a sharp reminder of just how dangerous the intersection is. Word is spreading that the 68-year-old woman who crashed at the intersection two weeks ago has died from injuries sustained in that accident.

"Something needs to be done," said Chief Brian Russell of the Dewitt Township police. "We don't need any more of these kinds of accidents, side impacts and we definitely don't want anymore fatals."

The chief says the intersection became more controversial after a Meijer was built nearby, which significantly increased the number of cars that use the intersection.

For years locals say they have been working to get a stop light added to the intersection.

"It's just insane!" said Ken Kain, who lives at the intersection. "I understand it, people aren't watching what they are doing but still a red light would help. It would really help at this intersection."

This isn't the first accident at this intersection. In July 2010, ironically, an MDOT truck was hit in an accident with an elderly woman. The DeWitt Township Chief of Police says that at one time this intersection was the worst, for accidents in all of Clinton County.

"The problem is that you got to look at, is what kind of accidents we are having here. And that's the issue. There are a lot of side impact incidents. That's where you get more injuring." said Chief Russell.

After a thorough study, MDOT added a flashing light to the intersection to increase awareness a little more than a year ago. Since then the accidents per year have dropped from 17 to seven last year.

"We are aware of this intersection," said Kari Arend, a spokesperson for MDOT. "We have been studying it, we have still been looking at it even after the beacon has gone in. I think it if need be, we can go out there and do another signal study if enough times has passed since we put in that safety beacon."

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