UPDATE: Interstate 69 Reopened After Fatal Accident

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One person was killed in an accident Wednesday morning on Interstate 69 south of Charlotte. The accident forced the shutdown of the highway between Cochran and Ainger Roads for more than three hours.

The accident was cleared and the highway was reopened at 11am.

Eaton County's sheriff's department said the victim is a man in his 50's. They describe the accident as a single car rollover caused by icy road.

The unexpected icy roads caused a number of accidents all over mid-Michigan during the morning rush hour.

Ingham county sheriff's department reports at least a "couple dozen" accidents Wednesday morning. Most of them slide offs.

Jackson's sheriff's department received 21 reports of various types of crashes county wide. Some of them caused injuries, but none of them were believed to be life threatening.

Most of them occurred between 6am and 8:30am.

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