Faster Horses Music Festival Wraps Up Tonight

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The Faster Horses Music Festival ends tonight. Over 20,000 people have come from all over the country for the experience.

Creator Brian O'Connell had all good things to say about the weekend.

"The reports that I'm getting back from both fans and artists are we got it right!"

O'Connell says the feedback proves this year has certainly been a success.

"It's really incredible what these fans are giving the artist and in turn that's pulling more out of the act. And, we had Keith Urban here last night, who we almost had to pull him off because he just kept going. The fans were that great and he loved playing so much, he just kept going."

In it's second year, the festival hasn't changed much, but O'Connell says it's improved based on the audience's responses.

"Last year, we didn't know what we were doing. We knew, but we didn't know how they were going to react, didn't know how the fans were gonna be, we didn't know how the artists perspective would be and our feedback was really, really positive. So, we took the suggestions."

O'Connell wants to make the experience ideal for the audience. He turns the comments on social media into a conversation.

"I'll keep notes, and we'll all meet as a team, and we'll go over good things, bad things, what else can we do, how can we improve it. And, if we keep listening and not dictating, we'll win."

And, it seems they have won. Tammy of Lambertville, Michigan, says she returned to the festival again this year for a number of reasons.

"Everything - the eating, the drinking, the partying. The music!"

This year's festival ends tonight, which means planning for next year begins.