Family Members React to the Sentencing of Charles Lewis Jr.

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Charles Lewis Jr. received a delayed sentence, meaning he will go to a juvenile facility until he's 21 then be reassessed.

Both mothers expected this ruling, but both were also hoping for a different one. Shayla Johnson' mother Lori Black hoped Charles Lewis Jr. would be treated like an adult.

"We were praying for life, but we got what we expected. It's a fair compromise, on either side," said Black.

Mother of Lewis, Trisha Lindsey, wanted him to be done doing his time when he turns 21, saying it would ensure he could then come home and live a new life; crime free.

"He's a good person. He was just headed down the wrong road. Now he'll come home good and straight," Lindsey said.

A good person, who she believes, the public misjudged after being found guilty of first-degree murder, which took place when he was 13, preceded by about 30 other interactions with police.

"They just pick up papers and read what they wanna read and take out what they wanna take out. He's my son, so I know him and I know he'll do right," said Lindsey.

Black says Lewis is lucky to have this change to possibly leave incarceration at the age of 21: "This is his only chance and we'll see what he does with it."

Although she says it's an extra chance at life with Shayla will never get.

"Nothing can happen to me in my life than is worse that's what already happened to me," said Black.

Lindsey says she understands her pain, and prays for Shayla's entire family every day.

"That their grieving process becomes a lot easier, that it's not so hard for them and they find a way to forgive.

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