Family Searching for Thieves Who Stole Son's Motocross Bikes

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Lansing, Mich. (WILX) A Lansing family is trying to find the thieves who stole three motocross bikes from their garage Wednesday afternoon.

8-year-old Kaden LaPaugh races competitively with AMA on his motocross bikes and all three were stolen from the family's garage after a side door with a pad lock was kicked in, according to the family.

The bikes combined are worth about $10,000, according to Kaden's father Kenneth LaPaugh, who has been passing out fliers around his neighborhood since yesterday evening offering a reward for anyone with information who might be able to lead them to recovering the bikes.

The stolen bikes include a 2014 KTM 50cc dirt bike, a 2004 KTM 50cc dirt bike and a 2001 Honda XR50cc dirt bike.

Kaden has been racing competitively since he was five years old, traveling all across Michigan. He says his favorite part of racing is being able to go fast.

"Because if you go fast you can hit the jumps," he said smiling.

The family had been planning to travel to Portland, Mich. this weekend for another race but those plans have now been put on hold.

"I feel violated," Kenneth LaPaugh said.

"I just don't understand how people take from people who are working hard and trying to do better for their kid."

Kaden's mother Lindsey Hicks said while the family is separated, the racing every weekends during the season bring everyone together.

"It's not just taking anything, it's something we've all put time and everything into supporting Kaden," she said.

"For somebody to just come in and take it right out from underneath you, it's just really disgusting."

Far beyond the money though, Kaden's newest bike was a gift from his grandpa shortly before he died from cancer this past December. On the front of that bike was a decal that read 'In memory of Grandpa.'

"You never want to see your kid upset, you don't want to ever see your kid hurt," Hicks said.

"Just give them back, they're not yours, it's just sad."

Officer Robert Merritt with the Lansing Police Department said they do have a detective investigating the burglary. Merritt added a witness did come forward saying they saw three young kids walking away with the bikes Wednesday.

If you have any information on where the bikes might be or who might've stolen them you can call Lansing Police or contact the family directly at the numbers listed to the right of the story.

8-year-old Kaden LaPaugh races competitively on his motocross bikes and all three were stolen from the family's garage after a side door with a pad lock was kicked in Wednesday afternoon.

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