Family Loses Power After BWL Refuses to Trim Tree

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BWL is once again in hot water with its customers. Rather than follow through on their word and provide services to solve a problem, the power company did nothing, the Ruff family lost their power and now there's a huge mess to cleanup.

When the Ruff family noticed the tree in their yard was leaning and going to fall over, they called a tree trimming service. The tree cutters came the same day, Wednesday May 7, just a few hours later. However, the crew determined the tree was leaning up against the house's powerline and it was a safety risk. The family would have to contact its utility company to take care of the tree. That's when the Ruff family contacted BWL.

Wednesday a BWL customer service representative said someone would come out, check the situation and leave a note on the door.

When Marylou Ruff found no note, she called BWL again. Another BWL customer service representative said the utility's tree service had checked things and the tree wasn't their problem to fix.

What was the family supposed to do? Wait till they lost power?

Hearing Marylou's frustration, a BWL customer service representative said a supervisor would call to talk with Marylou.

That never happened.

So when the power went out Friday around 6:15 a.m., it didn't take long for the family to figure out why.

The tree fell down and knocked out the house's powerline on the way. (There is a slideshow above documenting the Ruff family's experience.)

Making matters worse, when the tree fell, it ripped off the power riser. The Ruff family says that had BWL fixed the problem on Wednesday, the family wouldn't have to pay for the additional repairs.

Coming up tonight on WILX News Ten at 6 p.m., we'll talk with the family about the issue. We'll also try and get answers from BWL and why the problem wasn't solved in the first place.

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