Friends, Family of Shooting Victims Coping with Loss

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East Lansing, Mich. (WILX) Police have identified the two men who were shot and killed just miles and minutes apart Monday.

35-year-old Michael Addo of Mason was killed while working at the Frandor Rite-Aid Monday morning.

Police believe the same suspect is responsible for then killing 27-year-old Jordan Rogers in East Lansing just a mile or so from the first shooting.

Christy Ellena, Rogers' stepdaughter fought back tears Tuesday while she talked about her stepfather.

"I took him as a dad, like he was my step-dad but he was my dad," she said.

"Whenever I would do something wrong I'm going to miss him cutting into me and stuff, like I used to hate it but now I'm going to miss it."

Jordan was gunned down Monday in his fiance's home in East Lansing in the 1800 block of Coolidge.

Dustin Vertz, who has known Rogers since they were kids, said he's lost more than just a friend.

"I've never going to look back and feel regretful or anything but we've always had good times," Vertz said. "He's like my brother, the big brother I never had."

Police aren't yet releasing the name of the suspect, but Vertz and other family and friends of Rogers told WILX they think Rogers' neighbor--a former marine who had confrontations with Rogers in the past--is responsible for the shootings.

"He told us he wasn't right in his head," Vertz said. "He said he just got out of the marine corps... and he seemed like he wasn't all there."

Tuesday morning, Lansing and East Lansing police during a joint press conference also identified the other victim in Monday's shooting rampage, 35-year-old Michael Addo of Mason.

George Nii Okaiteye, a close friend of Addo, said over the phone Tuesday he had just spoken with Addo the night before he was killed.

Okaiteye said Addo is originally from Ghana and came to the U.S. from London in 2008 for better job opportunities. He had been working with Rite-Aid since 2010.

Addo's wife and infant daughter still live in Ghana, and he has no close family in Michigan, according to Nicholas Gyimah, a cousin of Addo's who spoke with WILX by phone from France Tuesday.

Meanwhile, police are still trying to piece together why the two men were killed but Chief Mike Yankowski with LPD did confirm it was not a robbery gone bad for guns or drugs.

"Certainly when you have a shooting of this magnitude on multiple scenes, this is not something that happens everyday in this community," Yankowski said following the press conference.

"This is an anomaly."

An anomaly, perhaps, but one that took someone from Christy Ellena she knows she'll never be able to get back.

"It's devastating, he didn't deserve that," she said.

Police tell us they aren't releasing the suspect's name until he is arraigned, which should be some time Wednesday.

Jordan Rogers, left, and Michael Addo, right, were identified Tuesday by police as the victims in Monday's shootings in East Lansing and Frandor.

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