Family Celebrates Prescription Problems Resolution

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"For the first time since New Years, I actually have a smile on my face and it's because of them and you," said Jim Kutas during his interview with News Ten's Brian Johnson.

After months of difficulty and frustration, Jim Kutas very well might be the happiest man in Lansing.

"What it means is life," said Kutas.

The only man happier than Jim might be his father Frank. That's because he can once once again afford his life-saving medications.

An organization called MMAP, the Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program helped him with a paperwork problem.

"They're fantastic! They jumped right on the situation thanks to you people at Channel Ten News who got this out there," said Jim Kutas, who takes care of his father Frank.

News Ten first visited the family on February first, when they told us Frank's co-pays had jumped from $10 a month to $2,100.

A cost-of-living increase in his Social Security changed his medical coverage.

But now Frank can breath a little easier, knowing it will only be hours till he finally gets his medications.

That means all the world to his son Jim.

"If not [for the medications] I wouldn't have my dad in six months and now I got him and that puts a smile on my face and tears in my eyes," said Jim.

Due to the complexities of Frank's health care situation, it took the folks at MMAP about a month to resolve his issues. They say that's actually fairly fast.

"Sometimes it could take months to make resolutions, so depending upon the different partners that are involved and the depth of the problem--it could be more and it could be less [time]," said Linda Kusnier, a Medicaid Specialist at MMAP.

Thanks to MMAP Frank should get his medications before Monday.

The folks at MMAP estimate there are about 100,000 people in Michigan with similar health care paperwork problems. Most don't realize they have an issue until their coverage is so far from what they need that they're extreme situation forced them to act.

"Hopefully other people see this and realize there is help out there but you have to get out there and look for it, and if you look hard enough and work hard enough you can win small battles," said Jim.

People with similar problems can reach MMAP toll free at 1-800-803-7174 or visit

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