FCC Getting Backlash After In-Flight Cell Phone Announcement

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Last week we told you about airlines possibly preparing for a big change-in-flight cell phone calls. Instantly, a lot of opinions on the idea. Now, we're learning it may cost the people who decide to make an in-flight cell phone call a lot of money. People who send texts or make calls while in the air will likely pay international roaming rates. The FCC announced Thursday that it will consider allowing flyers to make calls when the plane is above 10 thousand feet. A union representing flight attendants quickly responded, telling the agency not to pursue that option. But the Telecommunications Industry Association says they're excited about the proposal. Some international planes are already equipped with the technology, and phone companies charge hefty fees for making calls on them. Experts say installing the new equipment on board could cost three to four million dollars per plane. According to the FAA 51% of people have negative feelings about their in-flight neighbor making a call. But experts say most calls would only last a few minutes because the cost of talk time would go up even more if calls go longer than a few minutes.