FBI: Crime Down in Lansing in 2012

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A report just released by the FBI show most crimes declined last year from the year before.

Violent crime was down by 8% and property crimes were down 13.1%. Overall crime decreased by 11.9% according to the FBI report.

The same report went on to show that Robbery declined by 25.6%, burglary dropped by 21.6%, larceny reports were down by 9.4% and aggravated assaults declined by 3.9%.

"The decrease in crime numbers are the direct result of the vigorous efforts of the men and women of Lansing Police Department who work closely with our Neighborhood and Business Watches, community partners and law enforcement partners to keep our city say" said Chief Mike Yankowski.

But not all crimes showed a decrease.

There were 13 homicides in Lansing in 2012. That is slightly higher than the city's annual average of 11.5 homicides between 2007 and 2012. However, two of last year's cases were ruled as Justifiable Homicides.

Of the 2012 homicides there have been eight arrests or convictions.

The number of reported rapes increased by two to 92. It remained consistent with the city's annual average of 92.5 per year between 2007 and 2012.

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