Everett Students Arrested After Causing School Lockdown

school lockdown
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With hands behind their backs, three Everett High School students were taken into custody after a brief school wide lockdown on Thursday morning.

“Security just had everybody go into the classroom. Locked the doors. Nobody could come out or in,” said student Kayla Files.

Students who were ushered into classrooms say the whole ordeal was scary. Thursday morning, a neighbor reported seeing three young men near Everett High with what appears to be a gun. The school was put on lockdown, Lansing police responded to the scene and approached the teens who then took off running. The teens then gained entrance into the school with what was eventually confirmed to be an airsoft gun. Shortly after, they were arrested without causing any injuries.

“Students were not in any danger at all,” said Lansing School District spokesperson Robert Kolt.

However, the question is: how did they get into Everett while the school was on lockdown? According to the district, another student on the inside unsuspectingly opened the door for them.

“You’d think if someone came up to the door and you knew them or knew they were students, you’d let them in,” said Kolt.

So is it a security breach? Kolt says their system works, but it’s not perfect.

“How can we prevent someone stepping forward and allowing a risk to occur to our students,” Kolt said.

Students who know the suspects say they feel at ease after learning the facts.

“They’re really no boys like that, to do anything to anybody at school,” said Files.

Police and administrators say they also believe there was no harm intended, but no one is willing to take chances.

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