Evaluating Lansing School District Superintendent

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The evaluation is abouty tying performance to science.

"We use highly effective, effective, minimally effective and ineffective," said Lansing School Board Member Peter Spadafore.

That's how Lansing School District Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul will be graded on categories like curriculum, staff relationship and budgeting.

"Gives us an opportunity to talk to her about what we think the weaknesses are in the district," said Lansing School Board President Myra Ford.

President Ford says the evaluation helps them and the administration make improvements to better educate students. The evaluation is already complete, though the results are not yet available to the public. The board will be using the ratings among other factors to determine if they'll extend the superintendent's contract.

Other than some minor glitches, President Ford says she feels the district is on track while going through major restructuring. Board Member Spadafore says he thinks the superintendent has done a good job of keeping the board informed.

"I appreciate that and it's something with an operation this large, it's important you have a good functioning board, CEO relationship," Spadafore said.

The school board is expected to release the results of the evaluation to the public on November 1st.

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