Emotional Confrontation With Killer & Victim's Mother

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"Why Richard? Why did you do that? Why did you kill my son? WHY? (Crying) Why did you kill my son?"

An emotional confrontation between a mother and her son's killer. Ruth Lopez then listened to Ricky Strong.

"I am not the monster you think I am."

Strong-- still claiming his innocence-- took a hard look at the lives both he and Notch Bermudez chose to lead.

"Society knows we both made mistakes in our past. We both lived not totally righteous lives but we both wanted to make changes in our lives," said Strong.

But he didn't make a change and the judge, looking at Strong's record of 11 felonies in his 36 years, didn't think he could be rehabilitated.

"In the interest of society, your record reflects society needs to be protected from you," said Judge Clinton Canady III.

With apologies to his family and the Bermudez family, Strong hoped others could learn from his mistakes.

"I hope the youth can learn that living that type of life-- a drug dealer or gang banger or extortioner can lead to only two things-- life in prison or the grave."

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